Processes & technologies

OXYGENIA biotechnologies; OXYLYSE® & OXYPUR®

OXYGENIA® provides 100% natural alternatives to revitalizing by the oxygenation of water and soil. Our innovative solutions help the regeneration of water plans, water sanitizing, soils rebalances, controls and elimination of odors and pollutants, as well as proper functioning of sanitation systems and composting sites.

The original concept of its biotechnological processes is based on the material information and electromechanical energy releasing oxygen. This allows, by memorized repetitions to avoid all phenomena of putrefaction of the environment (anaerobic phenomena).

The OXYGENIA® PROCESSES involved treatments of water plans, waste water facilities (agro, industry & municipality), safe drinking water, recreational water, rebalancing soils (agriculture, composting and decontamination), as well as in human and animal welfare.

To do so, the methods are available depending on the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Environment
  • Industries
  • Communities
  • Commerce
  • Residential
  • Sports fields
  • Parks & gardens
  • Fauna

Our R & D department has worked on the development of various physically energized mineral complex, bio stimulants, revitalized water devices, as well as OXYPUR®, a clean and specific hydrogen peroxide highly concentrated, stabilized and 100% biodegradable.

All our processes are ecological and sustainable concepts without environmental trace or risk.

The aims are:


  • Safe drinking;
  • Decontamination, sanitation and cleaning;
  • Maintaining balance in natural and artificial environment;
  • Quality and clarity of the water plans.


  • Oxygenation and soils stimulation ;
  • Composting ;
  • Decontamination et sanitizing ;
  • Control and rebalance of the environment

For residential, commercial and agricultural, OXYGENIA® offers a range of water revitalizing devices that discharge of the unwanted hard metals and physicals effects of the drinking water called ADWELL®, to be positioned on all types of pipes and drinking water facilities or irrigation, while keeping your water installations clean of tartar and rust.

An ecological concept and totally original!