OXYGENIA offers to the famer soil improvement organic products from its biotechnology OXYLYSE ® line, supplements that are particularly suitable for bio stimulation of the soil through the application of our 100% natural environmental aerobic optimizer mineral, OXYSOL ®.

It can be used alone or in combination with our VITONIC ® and OXYGERM ® specialities, depending on your needs or application programs, which promotes soil balance in the environment by the natural development of aerobic microorganisms (azobacters, worms, mycorrhizae, aerobic bacteria, etc…).

The soil oxygenation is scientifically proven and is recognized by playing an important role in the root development, the plant and soil structures.

Result: better soil structure, better distribution of the water in the soil, vegetation with greater vitality, better natural resistance to disease, helps reduce the use of pesticides, offering more efficient yields.

It ensures a healthy environment for crops. It is a tool as old as agriculture itself to enhance the value of agricultural land and it has many advantages!

Our range of soil bio stimulants is an ecological and safe method to improve your performance and promote sustainable agriculture for greater quality of your crops.