The company

effective solutions for the oxygenation and rebalancing of waters and soilsOXYGENIA is specialized in environmental management and characterized by a pioneering vision with a range of performing biotechnological products particularly suited to is different biotechnologies like OXYLYSE®, OXYPUR®, ADWELL® and more.

Resolutely focused on the current and future challenges in the field of a sustainable development, OXYGENIA offers effective solutions for the oxygenation and rebalancing of waters and soils, intended for a multitude of environmental applications for all environments.


Our mission

OXYGENIA has an international network of researchers, consultants, agents, and distributors dedicated to achieve and put in place innovative solutions, environmentally safe and friendly.

OXYGENIA is guided towards the promotion of modern technologies, the design of innovative and creative solutions to obtain oxygenation and rebalancing of the waters and soils.

Our company is led by a single currency tribute to a great man listening to humans and nature, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

OXYGENIA is characterized by a total independence of its commercial products and processes that can thus in a privileged business relationships, provide solutions according to your specific needs, whether you are potentially user or distributor.

Thank you to our dear planet to give us all the tools and the necessary knowledge to maintain is balance, which has a direct influence on ours!