Water (H2O), it is life. It is a way of transportation, a solvent and non-renewable resource. It is the first basic food and the number 1 medicine. It represents 2/3 of the daily food ration on any life earth.

The human being is constituted with more than 50% of it and no matter the resource; its quality has an essential influence for any life on Earth and its environment.

It is essential for all our needs and is very precious for all without exception, it is very important to protect its quality and to maintain our reserves without forgetting the future generations which will not have asked to live with the errors of the past.

OXYGENIA proposes products and original biotechnological processes of the lines of OXYPUR® and OXYLYSE® for the rebalance, purification, conservation and the revitalization of water. They are environmentally safe and adapted to all needs in any sector.