Oxygenia offers innovative solutions
Oxygenia offers solutions for water and soil treatment

 Water (H2O), it is life. It is a way of transportation, a solvent and non-renewable resource. It is the first basic food and the number 1 medicine. It represents 2/3 of the daily food ration on any life earth.

The human being is constituted with more than 50% of it and no matter the resource; its quality has an essential influence for any life on Earth and its environment.

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OXYGENIA has developed biological soil improvement products of its original line OXYLYSE ® BIOTECHNOLOGY; soil additives that are particularly suitable for a variety of activities, both agricultural and industrial, which stimulate the aerobic metabolic pathway of the soil environment by promoting the natural development of aerobic microorganisms (azobacters, worms, mycorrhizas, aerobic bacteria, etc…).

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Processes & technologies

OXYGENIA biotechnologies; OXYLYSE® & OXYPUR®

OXYGENIA® provides 100% natural alternatives to revitalizing by the oxygenation of water and soil. Our innovative solutions help the regeneration of water plans, water sanitizing, soils rebalances, controls and elimination of odors and pollutants, as well as proper functioning of sanitation systems and composting sites.

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